Who they are ?


Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) is a global humanitarian non-profit organization which originated in France in 1979 and is committed to ending world hunger. The organization helps malnourished children and provides communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.




Awareness Campaign, Paris Area


Awareness Campaign in school, mid-February to April

What did we do ?


Each year (and it may remind you of memories of students), ACF educates students through a Race Against Hunger for primary, secondary and high schools.  

This race collects between 3 and 5 million benefits each year. In Paris Aera, it represents 350 establishments, or 1/3 of the national collection.  To help students understand why the race is important, ACF volunteers intervene a few months before to help students understand their missions and the impact of the money raised. 




Some facts


For the second consecutive year, 11 Dataikers signed up to participate to their awareness raising campaign. They have dedicated 1/2 a day at a minimum to inform & mobilize students by visiting their classes. In total 8 days of awareness raising campaigns in different school around Paris area (sadly due to covid, 2 sessions were cancelled).



Our other initiatives