Who they are ?

Founded in 1985, « Les Restos du Cœur » is a french NGO, recognized as being of public utility, under the official name of « Les restos du coeur – Les Relais du Cœur ». The NGO aim to « help and provide voluntary assistance to the poor, especially in the food sector through access to free meals, and participate in their social and economic integration, as well as any action against poverty in all its forms ». For more information about the organization


Supermarket, Paris Area


Food and hygiene products collection in Paris, during 3 days (March 6-7-8)


What did we do ?

During the National Food collection, 10 of our Dataikers joined the Restos du coeur volunteering team in order to help them distributing flyers at the store entrance, inviting people to donate, collecting products and sorting them.



Some facts

10 Dataikers it’s 2 times the number of people who volunteered last year ! And for this year we decided to spread our forces around different Paris’ supermarket and not only one :

  • Monoprix Picpus
  • Monoprix Saint Paul
  • Monoprix Dames
  • Monoprix Courcelles
  • Carrefour Lyon
  • Carrefour Courcelles

 » I participated in the National Food Collection day for the first time and it was a very interesting experience! I had a chance to learn more about the initiative and being able to help made me very happy. It was also very inspiring to see how many people donated and supported the action!  »


Dataiker, Dataiku

 » Many thanks to Dataiku, and Dataikers that volunteers for this 2020 National food collection campaign. Many companies have canceled their participation due to the coronavirus  »


National Collection Manager, Resto du coeur

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Virgil C.

Dataiker, Dataiku

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Dataiker, Dataiku

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Dataiker, Dataiku

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