Who they are ?


Founded in 1985, « Les Restos du Cœur » is a french NGO, recognized as being of public utility, under the official name of « Les restos du coeur – Les Relais du Cœur ». The NGO aim to « help and provide voluntary assistance to the poor, especially in the food sector through access to free meals, and participate in their social and economic integration, as well as any action against poverty in all its forms ». For more information about the organization





Dataiku Paris Office
Christmas Food Drive for les Restos du coeur
December 16th to December 20th





What did we do ?


As part of our work with Ikigai, our Dataiku for Good program, we wanted to do a program around the holidays to give back to the community. Knowing that food banks are generally at their lowest for supplies during the holiday season, it seemed like an obvious choice to help. After the great success of the Thanksgiving Food Drive in our NYC office. We have decided to replicate the competitive element we have put in place there to motivate people to dedicate some time to this food drive even if they were busy, even with the Paris strike….

We reached out to « les Restos du coeur » to understand the most in-demand items they have. Based on that, we assigned points to each of these items. Meaning for each item that was donated, a team gets X amount of points.


Some facts


Same as the Food drive in the US, It was slow at the start, with only few items coming in (even if one team did an amazing start). We were worried that teams were not getting into it, instead, mainly due to the strike in Paris, people were not able to come to the office. 

Once again, same as what happened in our US office,  we began to hear rumblings of teams coordinating, people going during their lunch break to buy supplies. Some other people ordered the food and make it deliver in the office during the last day of the collection. 

In total, we raised so much food (160 kgs) for those who are in need. Very like more than we would have if we just did a  traditional “please bring in your food items”. We are a competitive company, that is why we work at a start-up. We also care tremendously about our community and those around us. This is why we have the ikigai initiative to allow us to give back to our community in ways we may not have been able to otherwise. 



 » We warmly thank you for your donation of food products, with a total weight of 160 kgs. These products will be distributed in our 7 Paris centers and distributed to the people we welcome there. Thanks for them. With our best wishes « 



Collection Manager, Les Restos du coeur

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