Who Are They?



Simplon.co is a network of digital and inclusive factories in France and abroad. Since their creation in 2013, they trained more than 6,200 learners for free, of which almost 40% are women and 50% are people with little or no qualifications.

They are a social and united company which intends to make digital a real lever of inclusion to reveal different talents little represented in digital and technical trades of digital. They support organizations so that their digital transformation remains inclusive, and they build efficient and responsible websites and applications for them. In an indirect way, they also act in the field of digital mediation and the learning of creative digital with children.





Scale Women in IT Pledge announcement, Paris, France


Scale Woman in IT Pledge



What Did We Do?



Last December 12th, among our ikigai initiative (Dataiku For Good), we Pledge with Simplon.co on their new Scale Women in IT initiative.

We commit to Simplon.co to :

– Host up to 2 « Scale Women in IT Pledge » events a year in our Paris office
– Provide support from our Talent Acquisition team up to 4 events/days a year (including mock interviews, meetups, jurys, job datings…).
– Provide mentorship support from our employees through Ikig.ai – 2 to 5 mentors a year



« At Dataiku we believe we have an obligation to not only support more women in finding meaningful work in tech, but also to build supportive and inclusive environments so once hired, they can feel mentored and supported so they will choose to stay. »


Joy S.

Dataiker, Dataiku

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