Who they are ?

« Vaincre la Mucoviscidose » was founded in 1965 by parents of young patients and caregivers, and is a french non-profit organization recognized as being of public utility. It’s the first private financier of cystic fibrosis research in France. The NGO main goal is to accompanie patients and their families in every aspect of their life that is disrupted by cystic fibrosis. The association is organized around 4 priority missions : to heal, to treat, to live better, to sensitize.

In France :
  • More than 2 million people are, unknowingly, healthy carriers of the disease gene.
  • Every 3 days, a child is born with this disease.
  • More than 7200 patients registered in France.

Everyday sickness:

  • 2 hours of care during the « normal » period and 6 hours during a crisis.
  • More than 20 drugs a day

Thanks to the donations collected by the association « Overcoming cystic fibrosis », more than 51 research projects were funded in 2018 to the tune of 2 million euros, to improve the lives of patients and their entourage. Since 1965, the life expectancy of a person with the disease has increased from 7 years to more than 50 years, thanks to research work.

20kms de Paris
Challenge Entreprise Solidaire

Paris, France.
Charity Run for Vaincre la Mucoviscidose



What did we do ?

This year 25 Dataikers, Congratulations to our 25 amazing runners :  Julien M., Gregory H., Jeremy G., Hugo-Camille O., Paul-Henri H., Dimitri L., Agathe G., Alivia S., Marie T., Arnaud P., Vincent H., Adrien P., Mark T., Loris M., Dominique P., Hugo S., David D., Florent R., Pierre P., Celian H., Ludovic B., Alexandre O., Benoit G., Paul H. have decided to participate to the 20kms of Paris, held on October 13th.

They ran for « Vaincre la mucoviscidose » to support research against Cystic Fibrosis thanks to our Ikig.ai program. Cystic fibrosis is a rare and deadly genetic disease that mainly affects children, their respiratory tract and the digestive system. Thanks to the donations collected by the association since 1965, the life expectancy of a person with the disease has increased from 7 years to more than 50 years.

Thanks to Dataiker’s generosity, and Ikigai matching, as we converted the 20kms run by each Dataiker as a donation we reached the great amount of € 2 895 !!!

Money raised helps to fund the research’s program of the non profit.

We are super exited and really proud of our runners and this initiative and we can’t wait for next charity run 🙂

Some facts

Surprisingly after few weeks of pretty bad weather our runners got the chance to run under the sun !

Seems our Dataikers were not able to all meet at the same place (as you can see on the pics, the 25 runners are never on the same pics…)

They had a great lunch after the race and took lot of rest but were really happy of their race !

« I personally wanted to thank you for this Dataiku initiative. I hope your staff have appreciated this initiative coupled with the 20km of Paris. Congratulations to all the runners and thanks to all the contributors too. »

Chei Lin H.

Vaincre la Mucoviscidose, Vaincre la Mucoviscidose

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