Who they are ?

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is the leading organization in the world fighting ovarian cancer from all fronts, including in the lab and on Capitol Hill, while supporting women and their families.

They have 3 main missions :

  • Funding Research : OCRA’s ongoing investment in the most promising scientific research is funding discoveries, creating new treatments, and hastening desperately needed breakthroughs.
  • Advocation for patients : OCRA’s is THE voice for the ovarian cancer community, working with legislators to ensure federal ovarian cancer research and education funding, patient safety, and access to high-quality care are protected on Capitol Hill.

  • Supporting survivors : OCRA’s programs help women navigate an overwhelming diagnosis, supporting patients and their families when and where they need it most.


Chicago Half Marathon

Chicago, USA.
Charity Race for Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

What did we do ?



This year Mat E. from Dataiku has initiated a participation to the Chicago Half Marathon, held on September 29th. He wanted to support one of his friend that has recently gone through a battle with a very rare type of ovarian cancer. After 6 months of chemotherapy she has been in remission and started training for the Chicago Half Marathon to raise awareness and fundraise for ovarian cancer research. Mat E. decided to join her as a support and also involved his colleague from Dataiku else by participating to the race as Kim C. and Ben B. or by donating to his fundraise.

Thanks to Dataiker’s generosity, the first goal of $1 500 was overreached after a week only, so Mat. E decided to double the fundraise objective. And guess what, once again thanks to Dataiker’s donation, this goal has also been overreached as more than $3 600 as been raised. This amount has been matched thanks to our Ikig.ai initiative and we reached the great amount of $6 372 !!!

Money raised helps to fund ovarian cancer research and patient supportive services at Capitol Hill.

We are super exited and really proud of our runner and this initiative and we can’t wait for next year annual charity race for OCRA 🙂


Some facts



Our 3 Dataiker’s runned and finished the race despite a pretty bad weather and now have to buy new running shoes 😉

As a fun fact, they were all cover by mud just while reaching the starting lane 😉




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Mat E.

Dataiker, Dataiku

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