Who they are ?

The Marine’s Smile non-profit organization was created on September 4th, 2016. The french NGO aim to improve the living conditions of YAPPENATIM orphanage in Bali, which has 142 children aged 6 to 19 living in an extremely precarious environment.The projects supported by the NGO range the orphanage’s building renovation as well as providing new furnitures, providing fund for children’s education and care.
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Lions Half marathon and 10 kms

Rueil Malmaison (Paris Suburb)
Charity Run for Marine’s smile association

What did we do ?

Last March 17th, 26 dataikers ran the « Lions Half marathon and 10 kms » of Rueil Malmaison (Paris Suburb) in order to raise money for the Association Marine’s smile. As part of the Ikigai initiative, for each kilometer (=0.621371 miles) ran, the association was supposed to receive 5 euros….As 15 dataikers did the half marathon and 11 did the 10km race and finished them, Marine’s smile has received a cheque of 2140 euros !

This charity run was the second one in Paris after « les foulées royales » the previous year : each event more dataikers are joining and they run even more !

Some fun facts

  • Very motivated to join the start line 🙂
  • Some of them had to deal not only with the rain but with the hail ! (is it the right word for small ice falling right in your face ?)
  • Bonus : One of them did the race for his birthday : special thanks 🙂

« L’association a bénéficié d’un virement de 2140 euros de la part de DATAIKU en date du 29 Mars 2019… C’est vraiment génial !!

Encore 1000 Mercis à tous les coureurs qui se sont investis dans ce projet, ainsi qu’à la direction de DATAIKU qui a permis ce don très conséquent au bénéfice des enfants de l’orphelinat Yappenatim »
Patricia B.

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