Who they are ?

Founded in 1985, « Les Restos du Cœur » is a french NGO, recognized as being of public utility, under the official name of « Les restos du coeur – Les Relais du Cœur ». The NGO aim to « help and provide voluntary assistance to the poor, especially in the food sector through access to free meals, and participate in their social and economic integration, as well as any action against poverty in all its forms ». For more information about the organization


Monoprix Opéra, Paris

Food and hygiene products collection in Paris, during 3 days (March 8-9-10)

What did we do ?

During the National Food collection, 5 of our Dataikers joined the Restos du coeur volunteering team in « Monoprix Opéra, Paris » in order to help them distributing flyers at the store entrance, inviting people to donate, collecting products and sorting them.

Some facts

The Monoprix Opera collection has been a great success as it has an increment of 20% of the collection in 2019 in comparison with 2018. (2019 : 2606 kg collecter vs 2176 kg en 2018).

« Taking part to this initiative was a really great experience and I am glad Dataiku supports its employees in doing so. Dedicating only one day in the year is a very small effort but can definitely make a difference and you feel it when you see the amount of food and products collected at the end of the day. I am looking forward to doing much more with Les restos du coeur in order to support people who need it »
Alexandre de B.

Dataiker, Dataiku

« If my colleague Alexandre de B. never had told me that it was the collection days of the « Restos du Coeur » I would have skipped it completely! Me and a few colleagues spent half a day in a supermarket to motivate people to donate first necessity items for people in need. Socially eye-opening and very useful for this charitable organisation, I will do it again! »

Hugo S.

Daitaiker, Dataiku

« Helping collecting food for « Les Restos du Coeur » association was a great experience! It’s a very nice opportunity to have fun and connect with people while selflessly helping others. »

Jakub C.

Dataiker, Dataiku

« I am really glad Dataiku is offering us the opportunity to participate in projects and use our time to feel very useful for others – Spending one morning trying to collect and sensitize people to “Les Restos du Coeur” was really interesting ! It’s also the occasion to talk sometimes with people and being heavily supported :rougir: I will definitely do it again for the next collect! »

Julia G.

Dataiker, Dataiku

« It’s so great to be given the opportunity to actually do something instead of procrastinating. It’s even better to be given that chance by your employer. This initiative was really well received and perceived by most the people we had the chance to meet during that special day and they all requested for more events like that.

Thanks to everyone that made this event possible. »
Mickael H.

Dataiker, Dataiku

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